Have you ever done anything that was out of comfort zone? How did it make you feel? Does your heart race? Do your hands get sweaty? I love that feeling! To be doing something different, something that I have never done before.
I remembered after a boy scout camping trip feeling the overwhelming desire for new exciting things. On this camp out we went to Moab, Utah. There we white water rafted, slept under the stars, and engaged in slick rock bicycling.
The day we went bicycling was a day I will never forget. We began our journey thinking that we would be riding a short forty five minute trip but about thirty minutes in our ride we realized that this was going to be harder then we all thouht. At the begining of the ride we were riding by a huge clift side when are train of bicycles stop suddenly, I lose my balance and almost fall down the clift side. My heart was racing, for a second I didn’t want to get back on my bike but I couldn’t chicken out with my friends watching. As the hot Moab sun was beaming on our bodies we quickly realized that we did not bring enough water for our trip. After an hour of peddling a boy asked “how long is this ride suppose to be”? With a reply of “this ride was suppose to be only forty five minutes”. As the two hour ride continued we would hide under rocks for shade and to rest our legs, our water was gone long before we realized that that we have taken the wrong path. It was hard but as I layed on the hard ground that night I was so happy that i pushed myself harder then I have ever before. I did something that most people haven’t and I beat it!
Since that experience I have tried to challege myself in everything, to she how smart iam how quick I can be and how much pressure I can indure.
Today I’m begining my training to see if I’m even capable of being a para-rescuer. I have a slight fear of the water and the hardest part of the test is to complete a 500 meter swim with a 200 meter under water swim.
I have this phase that I use to desribe myself: I’m not smart but I’m determined! Which basically means that I don’t always complete my task perfectly the first time but I will work my hardest to get myself to that level of completion.
Well wish Prime luck! And do something out of your norm today!
The voice of Prime

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